installing NAV 2016 and nav 2009 on the same server?


I have a customer running NAV 2.01 technical upgraded to a NAV 2009 on SQL. I am now about to install a NAV2016 to them and are wondering if there are any interference by installing the new version on the same server as the 2009-version is running?

Is there anything special I need to consider when doing this?

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As you said that your customer is application version is 2.01 that clears the doubt that they are using NAV 2009 Classic client Only.

I don’t see any issues in installing NAV 2016 on the client machine with below points to be taken care -

  1. Dont install developer environment in Client Machine (it may confuse users).
  2. Only install Role Tailored Client on client machines.
  3. Check the Software Requirement for NAV 2016 (from MSDN) are there in client machines.
  4. As Far as servers are concerned NAV 2009 Server was only SQL Server, so if server meets the Software requirement for NAV 2016 you are good to go.

I don’t think there will be any issues.

Hi Rebecca,
I would like to add that it is also now, in connection with an upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2016, that your client should consider upgrading their SQL.
If it’s a NAV 2009, then my guess is that it’s SQL 2008 or earlier. Typically that’s not something you would change that often, but doing it now is a good time. Especially if their SQL is older than 2008. But check the software requirements against both their servers and clients, as suggested by Saurav.