Installing NAS 5.0 another error

Thanks to the post below this I have gotten past the NAS Snap registry error.

Now when I start NAS it logs (in the applciation log):

Internal error 2 in module 5

Then (as we have all seen before) it says it will not log this message anymore so as to not overcrowd the application log.

Anyone seen this one before?

you need to start Application Server Manager. Right click on Application Server for MS and select New App Server. Enter the service name of NAS. Then add all the startup parameter. This is all in the NAS pdf document. I suggest u read it.

This has nothing to do with the setup, the setup is correct. It turns out this is a known bug and there is a hotfix for this. The build of nassql.exe needs to be 25653 mine was 25359.

Thanks for sharing solution.