Installing Dynamics AX 2009 - Single User setup issues

Hi there,

Having worked with NAV for almost 20 years, then I thought I just wanted to check out Dynamics AX.

I’m trying to install AX 2009 on my laptop. I used the “trick” by alternating the “ActiveComputerName” entry in the registry to let me install it on my pc. And then it ran, but it didn’t let me connect to my SQL Server 2008, unless I entered LOCALHOST in the server name.

But doing install it runs almost to the finish and then it stops during the setup of the “Application Object Server”. My installation log says:

=== Setting up Application Object Server (AOS) ===
Exception: System.Management.ManagementException

Message: Not found

FullText: System.Management.ManagementException: Not found
at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
at System.Management.ManagementObject.Get()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.Misc.GetMachineDomain()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.Misc.GetMachineAccountName()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.InstallSqlServer.GrantAosAccessToRemoteSqlServer()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.InstallSqlServer.GrantAosAccess()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.MainForm.AosDbAccess()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.MainForm.s250Timer_Tick()

==== Setup encountered an unhandled exception and could not be completed. For details see the previous messages in the log. ===

Hi Erik,

Welcome to DAX world [:)]

From your message it looks you are not installing Developer type installation in your laptop.

More info on this type of installation is available in Installation guide ( from page 164 onwards. More info on this is also available from

Best wishes,

Thanks Harish, I didn’t really think that it was a necessity to read the manual!! Never did that with the NAV guides! [;)]

Maybe I should be adding that I’m running Windows 7.

Ok, have studied these pages also. Nothing new here. Still the same error!

Is a stand-alone AX developer installation not possible on Windows 7?

Hi Erik,

To my knowledge there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues of DAX 2009 with Windows 7. The only thing I can think of is your laptop should have correct version of .NET Framework 3.5. Anything higher than this will result in error.

Best wishes,