Installing AX on local machine.

This is what i get when installing AX on local machine…

You are logged on with a local computer account ‘IMRAN-PC’. You must be logged on with a domain account to run Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup.

how to solve this any ideas? Thanks

Hi Imran,

I assume you are installing Ax 2009.

As the message indicates, your computer needs to be connected to a domain which apparently is not the case.

Also note that domain is a must requirement for Ax 2009. This was discussed quite at length in this forum. Please search for them.

Best wishes,

Hi Imran,

To isntall the AX,the machine/system should be added in the Domain network.

You check it by Goto properties of MyComputer there you can find the Domain Name and also the Full Computer Desription

if Domain Name is Dynammics the Full computer name will be

Check this in your machine…if not, you cannot install…

Yes i am installing AX2009. So there is no way to create, lets say dummy domain or something.

No,there is no way to create dummy domain.

There is a little hack to install AX without domain but it requires some work and I don’t recomend it. You should join a domain and then you will be able to install it.

Hello everyone,

I am having the same probalby, however, I am connect to the domain and I get the same message. You are logged on with a local computer account 'BWUS_CCOGGINS1". You must be logged on with a domain account to run Microsoft Dynamics AX Update Setup. What confuses me the most is that it is giving me and error in regards to and “update Setup” but there is no AX on the machine yet. Any thoughts?




I successfully installed ax on my local without joining it on a domain.

First, Go to System Properties > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables > System Variables then click New.

Put “UserDnsDomain” on the Variable name. Put any value on the variable value.

run Registry Editor or regedit. go to


put any value on the value data.

Install AX.

Note: After Installing AX, change your ActiveComputerName in the Registry to your default computer name. Use the Computer Name in installing the AOS (computer name before changing the registry.)

then restart.

Hope it helps.


Not working

Thank you very much this tip is working fine.

But right now i am facing new problem …

while installing MS Dynamics AX 2009 after some time i got an error


"An unexpected exception occurred during Setup.

See the log file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics

AX Setup Logs\2013-01-03 16-05-38\DynamicsSetupLog.txt for details"

pl give me any suggestion to come over it.


Hi Jay!

Have you get any workaround for this problem?

I am trying to install AX 2012 on standalone pc (Windows 7 OS)…

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Adeel Nayyer.

Hi guys,

Has anyone got past this issue?

I am considering a freelance consulting/training job and I need to install AX on my laptop. I am aware of the domain requirement for AX 2009 but just want to know if there is a workaround somehow.

If it is indeed not possible, would like to get inputs on freelance consultants out there how they managed to have the AX environment. Well, I am already thinking of installing windows server OS if there are no other workarounds.

Looking forward to inputs from you guys and thanks in advance.

Hi Adeel,

If you are not installing AX in server , then you need to have virtual PC console while helps you in creating stand alone server .

I have a full stand alone client (AX 2009), SQL Sever 2008 R2 (with AX 2009 database) and reporting services server.

When I start my local machine I need to start my AOS.

I DO NOT use any VMWare or Virtual PC so this can all be set up without any virtual software.

I did have a lot of trouble getting it all to work together but now it works just like any client used for our DEV / TEST / LIVE Environments.

Hi Will…

Thanks for the reply. Can you share how you did it without joining your machine to the domain?

The error messages above is the same thing I get. The installer is making sure you are logged on to a domain.

I would very much appreciate if you can share your workaround.


Apologies - never realised you weren’t in any domain.

I thought the topic was a full install on a local machine with database etc.

As far as I know (after looking on this topic) you do need to be connected to a domain.

The ‘an unexpected exception occurred…’ error message can appear if you have Dot Net 4.0 installed on your machine before you install AX 2009. Check this and if necessary un-install .Net then re-run the AX 2009 installation.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies though this is an old topic already.

Actually, the error I get when I check the install log is :

=== Setting up Application Object Server (AOS) ===

Exception: System.NullReferenceException

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

FullText: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.Misc.GetMachineDomain()

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.Misc.GetMachineAccountName()

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.InstallSqlServer.GrantAosAccessToRemoteSqlServer()

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.InstallSqlServer.GrantAosAccess()

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.MainForm.AosDbAccess()

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup.MainForm.s250Timer_Tick()

So it does point to a domain issue. I thought of something to try. I’ll just post any development I may have.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi… just letting you know that I just installed a windows 2008 server as a VM to have a domain controller then join my main OS to that domain and was able to install and use AX successfully. I know this is an overkill solution at this point but I am just itching to have DAX installed on my personal machine. It is not hard to implement, though. I am not very techie in terms of servers but with the rich info and tools in the net, I was able to do it in just a day. :).

Dear All

I’m new here, I cannot find the installation file for Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012 , or image copy run by vmware , please somebody help me,