Installing ADCS

Hi all!

I have a client who will use NAV5 ( SQL)

I will begin to install ADCS and I want to validate that my client has all requirements for that. This is granules that he has now on its license. Do I missed something? if yes what? Also what are main steps to install demo version on my PC ( I want to do a demo installation before) . Thanks for any help on that.

1,415 Application server - each instance 1

1,520 Server - Windows NT (Intel) 1

1,700 C/ODBC 1

1,750 C/OCX 1

1,800 C/FRONT 1

2,000 Client Monitor 1

2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1

2,020 Per Database license 1

2,110 Navision Version 3.xx 1

2,120 Navision Version 4.0 1

2,130 Navision Version 5.0 1

4,620 Warehouse Management Systems 1

4,630 Warehouse Management Internal Picks & Put-awa 1

4,640 Automated Data Capture System 1

4,660 Bin Set Up 1

For your demo installation, please refer to the ADCS installation manual coming in the Nav CD.

That granules seem to be enough. To run a ADCS demonstration you can see Cronus database. One of the location (I don’t remember exactly) has everything to run ADCS out of box.

Thanks both of you.