Installing 3.10A en 3.01B client on one machine

Hi All, Does any of you have had problems with installing two clients (3.10A and 3.01B) on the same machine in a network (not the server)? When I install them both as new versions, I get the message “The Managed Software Installer failed to install the programm asociated with this file. Please contact your system administrator.” Then either 3.01B or 3.10A is not working. Does any of you have a solution fot this? Thanks in advance for your efford. /Sven

Hi, Install any version i.e. Navision Attain 3.10A first and copy the Clients directory from the installation CD of Navision Attain 3.01B version in some different directory on same machine. Create a link to execute the executable file of v3.01B. It will work properly. There is no need to install the other one if you have already installed one version.

Thanks Rajesh, the both work right now.