Installed multiple server

Assume that I had one server NT that contents two different server Navision Which better, use double harddisk in that server each used for the different NF program or use double IP address to separate those two different server in the server NT ? Which one are more fast in the operation of the NF program ? Thanks for coorporation Best Regards, Agatha

Agatha: If you are looking for speed you should invest in a SCSI-based RAID 5/10 system with a cache (at least 128 MB) controller. That will give you the best performance. Regards Uwe

You should never be using RAID5 with Navision, better performance i gained with RAID1 and span the database over more physical disks will also improve performance. Setting commitcache improves performance too. Processors and network is a big source for speed improvements. See the IBM Netfinity Performance report from Navision for more details. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG