installations and configurations dump questions and answers


I am planning to take an exam on installations and configurations in next week before that i want see the model quetions papers ,pls do send some dumps and usefull links.

here is the mail id

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There are plenty of site out there that support what you are asking i.e. CHEATING. Exam dumps are nothing more than that. But where does it get you. Yes you will get your 100% in the exam, and you can brag about how much of a genius you are, but really after the first week or two in your new job, people will realize what you did to get your certification, and that will be the end. Your reputation will get around and slowly you will find it impossible to get a job.

Instead of learning the exam questions, you need to learn Navision. The Dynamics User Group will help you all the way in learning Navision, but we WILL NOT help you cheat and take short cuts.

So please make the effort to learn Navision. We will even help you.

Hi Amol

thanks for valuable points yes i do have same fashion i ahve gone through some documentaions hands on uninstall and installations same configurations and setups in RTC .in one point i am feeling to have look on model papers so that i can have on idea how the questions papers set up will be there.

@Hanamagouda: Never write your email in msg text - so it becomes available for spam bots, gathering such personal data.

PS I fully agree with Amol’s answer to you - cheating the exams is not welcome, the consequences Amol already explained to you.

You can find the model questions in the Manual’s present in the partner or customer site which are very use full.

Thank you