Installation recommendations

In the current climate we all need to be careful about costs.

We are currently reviewing NAV and collecting quotations for implementation in the UK.

We are a highly technical small company.

Whilst I don’t want to scrimp on consultancy most resellers are trying to insist that they should install the actual NAV application on our server (1 day). Is it a complicated process, as I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to do this ourselves!

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Richard,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

Which database / method are you or your partner suggesting?

On the database side you need to decide between SQL or the inbuilt Native database. Also with Nav 2009 there is also two options i.e. Classic or RTC - Role Tailored Client. With each option there are different levels of complexity.

You can do a DIY job on the install but this generally (you might be the exception) takes a number of iterations to get right and hence may end up costing the same - don’t forget your own time costs you as well.

As a partner the main way we reduce cost to customer is to adopt a “Train a trainer” approach. This means appointing a “super user” who gets intensive training and then in turn trains the end user.

Good Luck with your project!

Hi Dave, many thanks for taking the time to reply!

Its great to join the community.

We are a small team probably looking at 4 concurrent NAV users to start with.

Our preference would typically be SQL as this is the database behind most of our current business systems. This said I haven’t heard an argument in either direction for NAV, it is cheaper to go for the proprietary DB?

RTC vs Classic, are there any trade off in going for RTC over Classic? Can we have a mix of clients and or switch between the two?

Quotes received so far have varied significantly but this is an example of the break down in days.

Architecture Workshop 2
Training 5
Software Installation 1
Set Up 2
System testing 1
Hand Holding 2
Project Management 1

Currently my concept is to do the 1 day “sw install” in house leaving two days Set Up for the integrator to help us with variable aspects… What do you think?

For training I would really like to cover as much as possible by sending the two key staff on courses…

Kind regards


The main advantages for proprietary BD over SQL is cost of SQL licenses and the overhead of the SQL DBA. It looks like this is already in hand for you.

This is a debate that have be raging since the arrival of RTC. Classic is a simplier install and whereas RTC allows queries via web services. You can go with a mixture and also switch as any stage - it will come down to you detailed requirement to know which suit you best.

First question is why you need 1 day for project management a 14 day project?

Secondly - we would also tend to quote a day to cover installation as this is a big unknown with servers/pcs. Generally it takes less that the full day and the balance of time is used for set-up.

I don’t see time for data migration - are you going to re-key the data?

Also there is no allowance for customisation - are you happy with a vanilla install?

Sorry more questions than answers [;)]