Installation Queries & Advantages


I needed some information…

  1. Can Navision talk with SQL Server Express Edition.
    If yes what is the version I must install. Cause I tried this on a local machine but the nowhere it could locate my Express Edition installation.

  2. What is the advantage of Navision 5.0 over Navision 4.0 SP3?
    I heard about some SIFT Key changes is it true. Should I go for it ?

  3. This is a nice one. Suppose I have 5 physical luns (each 6 x 146 SAS HDD in RAID 1+0) mapped to a Nav Server.
    Now I want to move specific Navision Tables to these luns …What should be my choice and why?
    For example I would like to move Value Entry to one of these luns.
    Will it really help me in reducing the locks & will I get a performance boost.


One of the advantage is export of data from FORMS to excel/ word, Document Approval setup and improvements in Jobs and Service Management module.

I suggest, you read a “Whats new in NAV5” document for this, it should be available on customersource/ partnersource.

Yes, there are some SIFT key changes.

For point 3 I recommend reading a book By Jorg A. Stryk, The NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide, or search for his blog, I believe there is some blog related to your query.

Thanx Dhanraj,

But I wanted information from a SQL angle or point of view.

My queries still stand unanswered.