Installation Problems NAV.Demo 4.0

Hello ! Could not find anything abt. my issue in here so … I have had NAVSION Demo 3.70 installed on my PC (Windows 2000) and now wanted to switch to 4.0 (Demo). Everytime the installation starts, it shows me a window that says, that another version of this product is already installed on this PC and therefore this (new) version could not be installed … OK … I deinstalled 3.40 and after that cleared everything from the file system and the Registry that looks like “NAVISION” or “BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” and tried again. But no success. Again (and again) the installation program refuses from doing its work AND installs me (after confirming the message) a version that looks like 3.70. When clicking on the “?” and then choose Info from the windows menu I got the version hint “3.70 (4.0)”. Strange ! Does someone know what to clear from the PC to satisfy the installation program ? Thanks in advance Andree

The version 3.70 (4.0) would refer to a 3.70 executable and a version 4.0 database. Where did you get your 4.0 disk from? If you look at the properties of FIN.EXE on the installation disk, what is the version?

Hi, Chris: I actually think that it is the other way around. He has a 3.70 DB with a 4.00 fin.exe. I would guess that the old DB is still on the PC, and the .zup-file points to the old DB. The appearance would in that case be as the 3.70, since it is the 3.70-objects . Try opening the DB again, by using File, Database, Open. Not by selecting CRONUS International i9n the file-menu. regards, Alexander

Hi, at first thanks ! At second: I solved the problem by: Starting old 3.70 installation, installing 3.70 Starting agin old 3.70 installation, erasing version 3.70 Starting new 4.0 installation, getting the message, confirming it (!!), installing 4.0 and then get the 4.0 user interface. The version is now 4.0 (4.0) Bye + thanks again Andree


Hi, Chris: I actually think that it is the other way around. He has a 3.70 DB with a 4.00 fin.exe. …
Originally posted by sander7 - 2004 Nov 19 : 07:59:52

doh…you are correct.[Ugh]