Installation problem with SQL Server 2005 + Navisi

Hi, Is it possible to use SQL Server 2005 with Navision 4.0 SP1 Employee Portal ? If Yes than how to do that? Any special steps for that? With Best Regards, Naimish Dave

There is a document on the product cd that explains it all. It is called the installation manual.

I just read that back and it sounds a bit snappy. I apologize for the tone, it was not intended that way, and I feel very sick today. Check your product cd for a folder called ‘Doc’. You should find a document in there called EP something.pdf, which has all that you need in it. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will be able to get it running.

Hi, It seems that there is not full support for SQL Server 2005 with Navision. There is not anything such like EPxyz.pdf in doc folder! Naimish Dave

The file is called “w1w1ep.pdf” and can be found in the Doc folder… Let me know your email and I’ll send it to you. Saludos Nils

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