Installation Problem on Window XP

I have TCP/IP problem in connection to server on a terminal using Window XP. The error message is The TCP/IP connections ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED). You can see how to make changes in your ‘hosts’ and ‘services’ files in the documentation for the network. I have made sure hosts and services file are set up as same as the counterpart on other terminals using Window 2000. This is the first time we install Navision Attain on Window XP. Is any difference in term of Attain installation between Window XP and Window 2000?

There should be no differences. If you’re having properly setup the TCP/IP connection on your windows XP, if you properly setup the files services and hosts on \windows\system32\drivers\etc and you are having the connection to the server properly working from that computer (check also the tcp/ip address on the machine and the net mask). It should be fine on windows XP… i’m having windows XP on my machine and i’m experiencing no trouble at all connecting to database servers. Regards

Thanks Alfonso. I have figured out what was wrong. The problem was I didn’t press enter key or space bar after I entered a new line on hosts and servies file to let the system know that line is finished.