Installation on D365 for operation

Hi All,

I am working in AX 2012 version right now.But I want to install and learn D365 in my local system for practice purpose.So what is the system requirement (As I know till now its 16 GB) and set of software and demo licence that requires for it

You don’t install development environments. You always use a virtual machine with all tools preinstalled by Microsoft.

You can either download a .vhd and build a local virtual machine, or you can deploy a virtual machine to cloud. Both is done from LCS. You must obtain a license first.

It means in a system we need 16 GB RAM and then need a .vhd file of d365 that we can open the VM and this VM file contains visual studio (can you tell me which version is preferred for D365) and local client web address through that we can access D365 cloud version.

Is it?

You need a .vhd file only if you decide to run the VM on your hardware rather than using an environment in Azure.

D365FO currently uses Visual Studio 2015. But you don’t have to worry about it, because the DEV environment you get from Microsoft already contains the right version. Note that if you deploy an environment to Azure, you can choose VS edition in advanced settings (this is important if you have an Enterprise license and you want to use Enterprise features in the environment).