Installation of Navision

I already have navision 2.50, 2.60B and 2.50 version of my computer. I am trying to install navision 2.60D from server by running the client setup.exe, system returns with message as it has already find some versions and cant install it. Install it by using add programs from control panel. I did tried to use add programs, but still its same message as previous installation detected, remove them and install the new one which I cant do it. Any work arounds on how to get the newer version 2.60D NF Client on my PC. Wajahatullah Khan

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By Default Navision 2.60 trys to install in progam files /navision financials. I think you proberbly all ready have a version of navision installed there so Navision installer complains. If you pick the Custom Install you can then choose the location you want the client installed. If you pick a new folder then you will have no problems. What I do Is have a Navsion folder under program files and install my many clients (23 at the last count) under that. In fact I don’t install I just copy the client files in to a folder. I Hope that Helps

The problem lies within the Windows installer. The only solution I know of when you have two versions of 2.60 is to 1. Create the folder where you want the files 2. Copy the files from client directory on the CD to the directory you created in step one. 3. Make sure that you select all files and then click on the properties and remove the Read Only flag. Hope this helps. Michael