Installation of Navision Commerce Gateway 2.65C

When installing the Navision Commerce Gateway Server I get the following error message form the installer: “‘CGRequestServer.tlb’ is not a valid short name.” What does this mean and what do I do about it. Is there a workaround for this problem? When you ok this message it looks like the installer finishes normally, but then the commerce gateway is not properly registered. I’m not able to find it in the list of com+ objects. I have tried to register all the components by hand, but this solves nothing. Suggestions are welcome !! Regards Pieter

I installed on a new system Windows 2000 (SP3) SQL 2000 (SP2) and Biztalk 2000 (SP2). The install of Commerce Gateway Server 2.65 resulted in the same error “‘CGRequestServer.tlb’ is not a valid short name.” I retried the complete installation but unfortunately the same problem remained. Today I tried again a new installation but now with some different service packs: Windows 2000 (SP2), SQL 2000 (SP2) and Biztalk 2000 (SP1A). This time Commerce Gateway installed without problems.