Installation new license file into SQL version

Hi All, How do I install a new Navision License file into a SQL based version? Thanks, Roelof.

Well… if i’m not wrong it will be similar to a standard navision server: going to the navision financials server directory, replacing the .flf file with the new license and restarting the computer should work… :slight_smile: Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Nope :slight_smile: But let me rephrase my question: the license file needs to be implemented on the SQL server. But how? Do I need to do that by ‘UPLOADING’ the file?

Open SQL Enterprise manager and open the master database. Under tables Navision creates the table $ndo$srvproperty to hold the license information. If you delete this table, then The next navision client connecting to the SQL server will say that a license should be uploaded.

Thanks! That did the trick. Roelof.

FYI: You do not need to delete the $ndo$srvproperty table to update your license file. If your server license file has not yet expired then connect to a database and then use the Upload button in the License Information window. If your server license has expired then start Financials without connecting to a database. Then use the Change button on License Information and choose the new license file. THEN connect to a database on the server; the expired server license will not be used. Then use the Upload button and choose your new license again. See Installation and System Management manual for the same details.