Installation commerce Gateway

Das anybody has ANY instructions how to install commerce gateway (settings, instructions, SP needed) etc.? What is needed etc. HOW to configure BizTalk server??? Messaging service is not working… HOW to make it work with Navison??? I’m trying to install but its not working and I’m losing patience HELP HELP… [V]


I’m trying to install but its not working and I’m losing patience
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Search the forum. There are plenty of hints regarding this topic (and/or mention your exact problem). I don’t want to be rude, but without any specific problem, I guess, we are not able to help you.

I’sorry I have navision 4.0, Biztalk server 2004, Navision Gatewaj request server, Navision Application server, Win 2000 server. In navision i get message “Messaging service is not vorking”… I asume Biztak messaging service is not vorking but how to start it (in services he is started and running??) but navision is not seeing. Is there same kinde manual to configure biz tak server for navision 4.0 or am I missing something??? I have try even run navision aplication server from dos prompt with nas appservername=…etc… but it’s still not working… I dont have connecton Navision=Biztalk… Sorry for inconvience…


In navision i get message "Messaging service is not vorking"
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Maybe a silly question, but have you installed MSMQ?

Yup, and Mssql 2000 SP3 (with analysis services sp3 , and Visual studio net 2003 (with c#), and IIS, and SharePoint services, and yes I check securiti user is admin in biztalk group and domain admin, I em missing ideas… Oh jaaa and bunch small programs: NET 1.1, MSXML4.0 sp2, MSXML 3.0 sp4, Microsoft office web controls 10. I can write book about my trayings and Failures…phuuuu There is’nt eny kind manual or something???

Hi nermin, I am also trying to get Navision 4.0 and Biztalk Server 2004 to work. I have a manual which I got from MBS support which I will send to you. I have got as far as Biztalk receiving messages but cannot send them on to the receiver. I am in talks with MBS about this. Other things to consider are the user and password on your NAS service. Make sure they are a priviledged user and available in your Navision set up. Regards Paul