Installation AX 2012 Demo - Web site prerequisit error


I tried to install the AX 2012 Demo from a partner website on a local Win 7 Pro computer following the advice from the following link changing a computer name in regedit:

but still getting a one error regarding a Web site (SharePoint Central Administration) prerequisite as below (it’s an only one error remains from 40 prerequisits validations):

"Web site (Microsoft SharePoint Central Administration):

The SharePoint Central Administration web site must be running

Ensure that a supported version of SharePoint is installed and the Central Administration web site is running.

If a supported version of SharePoint is installed, verify that the Central Administration web site has been configured by clicking Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint Products > SharePoint Central Administration. Follow the instructions in the configuration wizard to configure the web site."

I did install the SharePoint Foundation 2010 on the same local computer following the link below:

I can run Central Administration from the All Programs-> SharePoint 2010 Products and from the IIS Manager opening it in a browser.
So, I’m not sure what else could be done to satisfy the prerequisit requirement.

Please, advise what could be done to go through with the AX Demo installation.