Installation and configuration of NAV 2013

hello !

i need help for installing Nav 2013 on win 2008 server for 5 users in our campany.

i some one can help descrives me the steps or complete documentation for nav 2013 server installation.

i known that i have to install sql server 2012 entreprise 64, but how can i configure it support nav 2013 server for my users?

thanks for yours answers

You will find all the documentation on MSDN:

Don’t waste money on SQL Enterprise unless you need specific features. With a 5 user system I doubt it. Stick with SQL Standard. Save the money for use elsewhere.

Hi Sam,

There are courses on the subject here:

You can also find quite a bit of general and specific information on NAV 2013 here and here:

After reviewing this material, if you have a specific question, I’m sure someone here can help you find the answer.