Install Second NAS as Service

I work with the NAV 2009 and I want to install a second instance of NAS someone could help me to do the second installation

What problem do you have?

You can run as many instances as you want.

Take a look at this entry:

Have been a long time since last time I used NAS, but you wouldn’t have any problem.

Yes that 15 year old post should still be just fine for NAV 2009. It was the last version with the classic NAS. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

One minor detail though… Only the first NAS is for free. The concurrent ones, you have to pay for.

Unless it’s one of the old ones, they had 100 NAS included. But check your license anyway.

when I run the Nas installer, he only sends me the option to repair or uninstall

Who is “he”?

the NAS installer

You have to give the new service new name, sounds like you either already did install your service or you give it the same name as the first you have running. What is the command you use to install it?

this is my installation package

You don’t need to install that one again, if you are installing it on the same server as the other is running.

Just the line of command line code with installasservice…

Hola Jorge,

It’s what Erik says… have you seen the link in my first reply? You have to write a command line to run different instances. First, for testing purpose, you don’t need “installasservice” parameter, but when the system goes fine, just add that parameter, and a service for it will be created.

Each new instance needs a different “appservername” parameter, and, of course, some other different parameter to do different things, or the same thing in a different company:

nassql appservername=nas_instanace1, servername="sql_server_name[\sql_instance]", database="database_name", company="company_name", startupparameter=startup_parameter [,installasservice]

nassql appservername=nas_instanace2, servername="sql_server_name[\sql_instance]", database="database_name", company="possible_other_company_name", startupparameter=possible_other_startup_parameter [,installasservice]

Hello everyone and thank you very much and I am resolved

Hi Jorge,

I’m happy to hear that. Please verify the answer on the replies that helped you, or let us hear if you found a different solution. You find “Verify Answer” button next to the reply button or under the More button (depending on device).

one more doubt and sorry for the inconvenience is already installed but does not process anything that could be due

Hola Jorge,

It can be a lot of things. I recommended to you executing nassql with no “installasservice” parameter first, to see on console if there is any problem. If you run nassql as a service already, you have to look at event viewer to see if there are any error for this service. When you’ll know what the problem is, you will can do something or ask for help.

one more doubt and sorry for the inconvenience is already installed but does not process anything that could be due