Install Many NF Server in One Machine

Hi… I have already install navision server ver 2.60 to Windows NT4 we call name server = COMPA, How to create another server name such as COMPB, COMPC, COMPD to the same server machine, because we were develop and modify together with our team. thanks for your help Regards AKO

Hi AKO It is possible to have more than one server up and running on one physical Server. I have One server NT 4 that both runs a Navision Financials Server 1.3 and a Navision Financials Server 2.0. They have each their (different) name. On the clients You will have to modyfi 2 files - Services & hosts; In the “hosts”-file you must define the servername (of each server) and the TCP/IP address of the physical server. In the Services file you must allocate a port for each server (Navision normally occupies Port 2407). Mads Morre DK

Hi…Mads Morre If the condition that I only install only one version such as W1 2.60 E , is it still possible ?.thanks for any suggestion Regards AKO

Hi Ako, no, you will need four different server directories: 1. Make four copies of the navision server directory. 2. Make a batchfile in each of them: server servername=COMPA, database=YOURDATABASE.fdb 3. Add four lines to the services file at CLIENT and SERVER side: COMPA 2407/tcp COMPB 2408/tcp COMPC 2409/tcp COMPD 2410/tcp 4. Add four lines to the host file at CLIENT side: COMPA # is the ip-address of the server COMPB COMPC COMPD Reijer.

Yes this is still possible as I have all clients installed with seperate services to let all staff have access to copies of each clients database. The principle is the same, i.e. Hosts file: Comp a (This is the name of the service on your NT Server) Comp b Comp c Comp d Services File: Comp a 2500/tcp #Company A Comp b 2501/tcp #Company b Comp c 2502/tcp #Company c Comp d 2503/tcp #Company d It does not really matter what port numbers you use, as long as they are unique.