Install Dynamics NAV without install SQL?


How can i install dynamics nav without install sql , and i can make backup after that ?

Dont Install Demo version, Chose developers custom installation and uncheck SQL.

Not really sure what your real problem/question is?

You cannot install Dynamics NAV without using SQL the native database option went away with NAV 2009/RTC.

But you can choose to use an existing/external SQL Server. If you do that, then you need to change the server configuration to use this server instead.

To backup you use the backup functionality build into SQL server. To take the backup you can either do it with PowerShell or via the SQL Server Management Studio.

i mean can i use dynamics nav built in sql server and after that i can backup the company?

Built in??? There are no build-in SQL server, but it’s installed as part of installing NAV.

Yes you can take a backup of the database. With Powershell or SQL Server management studio, as I wrote above………

now i install nav 2016 ,and it work good i want to backup and i don’t know how

when i set up nav 2016 i choose this components

and now i want to backup company , how ?

As Erik said before, you can use Powershell or SQL Server Management Studio to create a Backup. You can install SQL Server Management Studio 2017 from this URL:

Thank you for helping me ,i have made a backup and everything good