Install, Configure & Use Application Integration Framework in AX 2009

Hi All,

I am trying to migrate data from MS GP to MS Ax 2009. We have decided to use Adapter-based exchanges in AIF (file system). Does anyone have any link or reference to document(s) which can help me Install, Configure & more importantly how to use Application Integration Framework to import data in AX 2009? I have found some but they left me confused than being of any help (e.g. AX2009_ENUS_AIF, AXServerDBAdmin, ConfigureAIFForDataExchange).


Found a very nice blog about Import and Export data in XML by AXD classes , will definitely benefit.

Sir this one u r talking about??

Hi Himanshu,

Yes, the link posted in my previous reply will take you to blog “Import and Export data in XML by AXD classes”. Which is about AIF (Application Integration Framework).