Install 5 NAVISION instances on an Azure Windows Server


I am new to NAV and this is my first post to the forum. I am facing some problems in a project and I need your advice.
The project is the following :

  1. Navision and CRM will be install to a Azure Windows Server (Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter and 2012 SQL Server. (10 Users for Navision , 10 users for CRM)

  2. I have to install 5 different Navision in 5 different Languages (W1, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukraine), and CRM 2011 with 5 Business entities (Greek, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukraine).

  3. Each CRM Business Entity must synchronize with the respective Navision Language

  4. Customer doesn’t want a Site to Site Vpn Connection between his company LAN and Azure WM.

  5. Users are not belong to a domain , so I have to choose between creating an AD on Azure WM or use a WAN solution for connect to Navision.

  6. Most of the users are using Windows XP and I can’t use a SSTP VPN connection

Till now I have install 4 SQL Server Express Instances for every different Language and on SQL Server I have install the NAV W1 (Consolidation Company) and the CRM 2011.Then I have install the SQL server components, NAV SERVER and Classic Client 5 times, each time copying the NAV directory and renaming it.
The problems that I have are

  1. How to create the 5 NAV Servers one for each language and assign the correct SQL instance?

  2. How to create a point to point VPN Connection?

  3. Must create a WAN connection and not use AD , in this case which ports do I have to open in Azure WM to make it work? Do I have to issue on or 5 certificates?

  4. Is better to use a Desktop Virtualization Application?

Do you have a better idea how I can do this implementation?
Thanks in advance for your help