Install 2nd AOS - folder path greyed out


I am attempting to create a 2nd AOS instance for test purposes.

At the point of entering the folder path for the AOS files, the folder box and browse box are greyed out.

The default is C:\Pro…\Microsoft…\AX\40\Server

Where as I would like to be able to enter C:\pro…\Microsoft…\AX\40\TESTAOS\Server

Has anybody come across this before?



For using the other instance of AOS, you have to create another configuration on server configurator.

On original configuration, you won’t able to make changes.

Create a new configuration on server, set its properties.

On client configuration, create another configuration and attach your test configuration of server.

Hope , it will help you…

If anybody have another idea, please let me alos know…


Thanks for that, that works a treat.