Inspection order in Ax2012


am trying to generate inspection order for a batch but it is not working i receive info message (No inspection orders were generated.) although i did inspection location and store area, can you please tell what is the function of the inspection order and how it is work.

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Any updates?

Could you define in detail the menu options you are selecting - do you mean a quality orders? Non-conformance orders? Quarantine Orders? There is no such option as “Inspection Order” in standard AX.

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you can find it in Inventory and warehouse managment–>periodic–>batches–>generate inspection order

Okay found that. where did you set the inspection location etc mentioned originally? Inpsection orders do not exist, and I can find no reference to them anywhere so trying to unpick it. Have you read anything? What do you actually expect it to do or want it to do?

Hello Abeer, what are you expecting from Inspection orders? I’m asking just to let you know if quality orders instead of inspection orders will fulfill your expectations.


I would like to know what the system is trying to do, can find no reference to it anywhere. [:D]

I’m looking my test environment of AX 2012, I do not have that path (Inventory and warehouse management\periodic\batches) in mine… [8-)]

What build is it and what regions do you have turned off?

I have a feeling it is an orphaned option that does nothing.

i was trying to know its functionality and if i can use it for the received materials that is under inspection, i can replace it in quality order but i wanted to know the functionality i tried to find anything related to it and i couldn’t

My guess is it comes from the incorporated MDIS for process because of the menu options with it, but can find nothing about it - you said you set up other inpsection areas - but have not said where. I believe it is for inspection specific batches, it is not receipt processing, for this you would use the quality order finctionality.

you can specify inspection location, and assign input area, thus it will be inspection area, i read this in a post for AX 2012 new feature but i tried to generate it and i couldn’t. and even if it was for inspecting specific batches but it is not working

Where do you specify the inspection location? If you mean the warehouse location enum as inspection location this is related to the type, not necessarily inspection functionality. Input area is standard functionality irrelevant of inspection orders. Where did you read the new feature on inspection orders - can you post the link because I see nothing on the web. The not working is not in doubt currently, but you cannot say it is not working when we do not know its purpose.

The installation was not complete in my environment, now I can see it. It is related with the “Use quality management” parameter in Inventory paramenters becouse when disabled, you can not even access inspection orders.

I would recomend Abeer to try the following. I think that this “Generate inspection orders” option will just print inspection orders for tha quantity of items that are specified for inspection in a quality order. So if you do not have any quality order with items to be inspected, the result would be “No inspection orders were generated”. Try to generate a quality order, with any quantity to inspect I think that option would show you information about that quality order. I can not test that in this moment, I would love to know if this is the way it works.

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thank you hector, but i tried this and its not working, i did quality order and test it but i got the same info also, am trying to find the refrence from where i got information about inspection order nut i can’t.

i think its somthing related to sales returnes maybe for inspection issues, am gonna test it and give you any the updates.

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Hi everyone

I’m also having the same problems that Abeer had. Has anyone understood how inspection orders works?

Still no documentation available about it. I’ve tried what you mention above without results…


Hello Abeer,

The Inspection Orders function creates a Quality Order to those batches that are under certain condition, (e.g.: batches that have a shelf advice date before today).

To work properly you have to create a Quality association with a Reference type “Inventory” to those products.

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Juan Pedro

Very interesting Juan, will need to investigate further - thank you for the input.