Inserting value in a sql table from nav native database

Hi, i want to insert some updated records from a nav table in native database to a sql table of similar structure.

I have sucessfully made the connection and 'm able to insert record only if i insert all the records by there exact value.

eg. 'Insert into UPS Interface values (‘doc-10000’)

but my problem is that, while running the function i have to pass the table record to the sql tables , which are as variables with me.

eg. Interface_rec.“Document No.”

and if i try to insert it through SQLString := 'insert into UPS Interface values([Interface_rec.“Document No.”])

it throws syntax error. how do i insert the rec values into the sql table. and second prob is that i’m not being able to write long SQLString. how do i write a SQLString which spans into more than one line in C/Side.

Thanks and regards Anurag