Inserting an ExcelSheet

Hi there, I want to export a Report (e.g. Report 4 Detail Trial Balance)directly to Excel. A new Excel Sheet is inserted BEFORE existing Sheets - it should however be inserted AFTERwards to keep the output in the same order as it is displayed on the report itself. My Questions: 1. How can I manage this[?] 2. Can I use any MOVE-instruction like this: XlWorkSheet.Move([VARIANT Before][, VARIANT After]) I haven’t found out yet how it works… Thanks in advance for your help. Juergen

Hi, first, it would be better, if questions are posted in the develeper forum. This is from Excel - helpfile:

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add Before:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)

In Navision this should do the job:

x := xlSheets.Count;
// x = number of last sheet in workbook
// add after last sheet

Hope this helps bye Andre

Hi Andre, I tried to so with this source: NoOfSheets := XlWorkBook.Worksheets.Count; MESSAGE (’%1’, NoOfSheets); //displays the correct number (1)of the last sheet XlWorkSheet := XlWorkBook.Worksheets.Add(NoOfSheets); XlWorkBook.Worksheets.Add(NoOfSheets); //I tried these instructions. both of them return a runtime-error like this: … the ADD-Method of the sheet object dould not be executed. regards Juergen

Hi Juergen, sorry for answering late. I had a day off yesterday. I must confess I didn’t tested my solution for this problem. I’ll try to check it today and then I come back with a posting. bye Andre

Hi Juergen, unfortunately I didn’t found a way to solve this problem [V]. I’ve got always error messages from Excel. If you search Google Groups for ‘Excel sheets.add’ you will see many people with the same problem. Sorry Andre

Hy Jürgen My reports exporting data to excel always :wink: need a Total sheet at the end. First you have to create the “Total-Sheet”, than it’s easy to create a new sheet at second-Last Position like this: Sheet:= Excel.Sheets.Item(‘Total’); Sheet:= Excel.Sheets.Add(Sheet); Sheet.Name := Strsubstno(… it’s not a solution, but a way to avoid problems :wink: Bye(‘Stefan’)

hi, use this, it works create(xl); xl.visible:=true; xlworkbook:=xl.workbooks.add; xlsheet := xl.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Item(xl.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count); xlsheet.Activate;‘Detail Trail Balance’;