Inserting 10 Records in a single field..?

Hello Guys,

I want to Insert 10 records in a single field while opening a form

like in “Field1” want to insert Records

1st Record - Test1,



Thank in Advance.

very strange question

Not every question is a silly question.Please try this to insert in table and while fetching in form in the init method write it as Conpeek(container,value) and read those values.

static void Job1(Args _args)
CustTable Cust;
table1 tab1;
int i;
container con;
While select cust
while(i <= 10)
tab1.Field2 = conIns(tab1.Field2,i,cust.AccountNum);

I would personally use a map to do this.

Map mapOfRecords = new Map(typesId2Type(typeId(recId)), Types::Record);


// To fill

mapOfRecords.insert(yourRecordObject.RecId, yourRecordObject);

// Then to store in a container

whatever.field1 = mapOfRecords.pack();

// To access later on in code

Map myNewMap = Map::create(whatever.field1);

// To iterate a map and use it