Insert, Update and Read data from NAV in always encrypted fields in sql server

Hi everyone,

I have a customer table in NAV database where some important informations are to be encrypted and is encrypted using always encrypted feature of SQL 2016. But when I enable this feature, I cannot read, insert or modify the customer detail from NAV. How can we solve this issue??

Did you use encryption functionality in SQL 2016 and changed this directly in the tables or what?
Which version of NAV is this? If you need encryption, then it has to been enabled from within NAV, not SQL.

My client wants database level encryption so that they can’t retrive that data from sql server. I am using NAV 2018. Will the data encryption encrypt the data in sql server as well?

Just small question - how do you think NAV should encrypt data on SQL level? Just try to imagine it ti yourself… to received answer.

Check out this link:

This encrypts the database, so in case someone copies the SQL files, then they cannot access. And neither can you, if you loose the encryption key! So tread carefully. If you have not worked with it before, then DON’T DO IT. Get someone familiar with it to help you out first. If you do it wrong, this may cost you your job… Just saying… [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Thank you Erik.