Insert selected records to Table


I have a Form A with Datasource table A. i want to insert the selected records (Gridview checkbox) into Table B when the User clicks on Save button in the form A at the same time refreshing the Form A with the selected/Inserted records.

How can i achieve this ?


  1. Open form A .
  2. Click a button that will open Form B
  3. Select records via gridview checkbox and click on save which will update another Table.
  4. On closing Form B, form A should be updated with values selected in Form B.

Hi Prodo,

As per the ex. you describe, write the insert code on Save button clicked method.

After the insertion code is written, refresh the data source of form A by using formdatasource class.

After refreshing the form data source call the close method to close the current form i.e form b like element.close();

I hope this will help you out.


Sunil Dharmani

Thanks Sunil. That solution worked for me.

A good question that also did me a grid favor. I am also having problems with the gridview checkbox column on a gridview control. This question insighted me a lot.