Insert Recordset

I have an insert recordset statement like the following: insert_recordset CSA_BookingReturn(SalesID, ItemId, ItemName, Location) Select SalesId, ItemId from SL JOIN ItemName from IT JOIN WMSLocationIdDefaultReceipt from IIL WHERE (IT.ItemId == SL.ItemId) && (IT.CSA_RHType == CSA_RHType::Rental) && (SL.SalesId == salesLine.SalesId) && (IIL.ItemId == IT.ItemId); in the CSA_BookingReturn table I have a field called CreatedDate. I would like this field to be update with the current system date. But I can not figure out how to modify this statement to insert the system date as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Brian

Hi Brian Have u switch on the CreatedDate property on the table? If u have it CreatedDate should be set automatically, if that does not solve youre problem please post again. /Alchr

I don’t think you’ll manage to do it using the insert_recordset Guess you’ll have to do a while select statement instead