Insert Record in Table 2000000074 - Profile Metadata

I just want to know when can I insert a record in Profile Metadata table…

I did some modification in RTC and it is inserting in User Metadata table which is correct…
But how can i insert record in Profile Metadata table?

Thanks in Advance…

I believe that is if you run the RTC in configuration mode. Profile Metadata stores global configurations of Pages, while User Metadata stores individual user’s changes to those configurations / the base object configuration.

Thanks Matt,

Will these changes reflect for all users who are using that profile?

Can we create multiple Profile Metadata lines for single Profile and assign for different users?

I’ve never tried actually. I guess theoretically you should be able to. The idea behind Profile Metadata is that a manager can setup the pages for their direct reports. Seems like a department could have multiple managers, each having employees that share a role center, but need to see things differently.

I think it’s like a MenuSuite, in that the differences between the Metadata levels are stored.

What I am planning to do is whether we can show/hide fields per user using Profile Metadata for single profile…


i met with the similar problem, i want to make some condition per field in the table to be visible for specific profile.I do it with USERID but is it possible to do with profile ?