Insert Entry to Analysis Line

hi all experts,

i would like to do a report to print out analysis (p&l) something like account schedule line, but i am not sure how it works.

as far as i know running report 84 would set entry into analysis view entry, but i have few qs:

-in applications/ navigation panel, how can i run report 84?
-how do i insert entry into analysis line?

-Financial management–>General Ledger–>Periodic Activities

-We have to manually set lines and colums in Analysis lines…

hi mohana,

thanks! any idea based on my viewing of P&L anyway i can insert into analysis line?

hi mohana,

manually = go to backend table and key in records individually?

EX: Sales & Marketing–>Analysis&Reporting–>Analysis report–>Functions–>Setup Lines/Setup Columns

hi mohana,

based requirement still lies, to export analysis dimensions (P&L), do i need to insert anything into analysis line, or otherwise insert into analysis view entry should be ok?


CHeck your first post…

hi mohana,

will put up a new post, thank you very much…