Insert data issue

Hi All,

One of control on the form uses a dsplay method. When a user is adding new record to the table this control(combobox) displays the value( thru dispaly method) and rest of controls are filled by user. After saving this record all values successfully inserted to the table except one which filled by display method. Is anyboby know what am i missing?

Thanks for any help !

What do you mean by “filled by display method”? Display methods simply display data, they really shouldn’t do anything else. What exactly your method does (or is supposed to do)?

Thank you for your reply, Martin!

There’s a combobox control on the form displays the data by calling the display method from a different table. I need to insert this data into table. Sorry for confusion.

Thanks again!

The value of the display method is not saved anywhere. If you want to do that, you have to implement it by yourself, e.g. by calling the display method in insert() and explicitly assigning its return value to a table field.

Thanks much!