Insert data into vendpackingsliptrans table during posting of PO in Ax 2012


i had created one field in purchTable .That new field value i want to insert in VendPackingSlipTrans table during the posting (packingslip) of PO. i am not geting the exact class where value is geting inserted into VendPackingSlipTrans table. please tell me which class is used to insert the data into VendPackingSlipTrans

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Brajesh kumar singh

Hi Bijesh

Did you ever find out which class writes data into VendPackginSlipTrans table? If you did it would be helpful if you let me know.




Ideally we should map PurchTable fields to VendPackingSlipJour Table and PurchLine fields to VendPackingSlipTrans Table.

To map PurchTable fields to VendPackingSlipJour Table write code in VendPackingSlipJour table / initFromPurchTable() method

and to map PurchLine fields to VendPackingSlipTrans Table write code in VendPackingSlipTrans table / initFromPurchLine() method

Hi all,

For the above question I need some more enhancement i.e I want to insert some more fileds in vendpackingslipjourtable while posting

I tried like below manner

1)I am created fields in VendpackingslipTable

2)in table methods one method available I.e initFromPurchTable

I write the code like below

this.InventLocationId = purchTable.InventLocationId;

this.ContactPersonId = purchTable.ContactPersonId;

this.Transport = purchTable.Transport;

this.Port = purchTable.Port;

this.WorkerPurchPlacer = purchTable.WorkerPurchPlacer;

but it is not worked is there any other approach.