Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines Doesn't Work


I’m having difficulties getting the “Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines” button on a Payment Journal to work. I have setup the “Conv. LCY Rndg. Debit Acc.” and “Conv. LCY Rndg. Credit Acc.” accounts for the foreign currency (USD) but the button doesn’t do anything. When I click the button the lines flicker like it is going to do something but then it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve seen references to needing the “Amount (LCY)” to be shown before it will work, but I don’t see any option to show that column … it just doesn’t exist.

Is there something else I need to setup for this to work? Or am I missing a step? I have entered my journal lines and it is currently balanced at $0.01 due to a rounding error.


You must select the line(s) in Journal, thus indicating which ones to process, before clicking the button.

Thanks for the reply but that’s not doing anything for me either. Here’s a screengrab of what I’m seeing. My 2 USD values are being converted to LCY (CAD), rounded to 2 decimals, and then added together. This give a different result than adding the USD values and converting afterwards (hence the 0.01 difference). I can select the lines but it doesn’t make any different to the function of the Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines button - it just makes the lines flicker and nothing happens.

dwyatt - what is your local currency (LCY)? Is it CAD?

LCY code MUST NOT appear elsewhere, but in GL setup!!! Even in Currencies table it mus NOT be included. When LCY Amount is supposed, CurrCode field MUST be left blank!!!

Uh, yes CAD is my LCY … why can’t we use it anywhere? Does this mean that our Microsoft Partner doesn’t know what they’re doing? (since they’re the ones that set up our system and included CAD in the currencies list. Now we use the CAD currency code everywhere we need to - on Bank Accounts, Customers, Vendors, etc). It just seems weird not using it. I would much prefer to see CAD and know that we’re dealing with LCY then a blank and wonder what currency it is.

I just made a new Bank Account (I’m in our test database) with no Currency Code defined (therefore we’re in LCY). Using that to balance on the payment journal doesn’t work either. I get the same flickering lines and nothing happens.


WHO they are? How long they are on the market, how many clients they already have, and, for Heaven sake, who work there?

Maybe it looks natural for you, but so Navision is designed - to leave blank CurrCode, if Amt is in LCY. System does not stop working, but it goes nuts in multicurrency operation processing, if the setup is as you described.