Insert Blank Line in the Page Footer?


I want to fill blank line in my report footer. So how make/get it?

Please explain to me.

I upload at my report sample design at here

Best Regards,

Do you mean you have a blank line and wish to delete it OR

do you mean you want to add a blank line?

Look in the Sections for the report to identify how the report is generated and check which is causing the blank line.

What data items do you have in the report?

If you want to inseret a blank line in your footer section, simply expand the section by one line and move all controls down.

Or maybe you want your signatures further down the page?
Therefore you would change the property “PlaceInBottom” to “Yes” in the footer section which contains the signature stuff.


Thank 2 All NAV Expert/Good Guys and i got it.

My reply is too late sorry 4 that[:(]. Cuz i have alittle buzy with another project.

This forum is perfect and best.

Best Regards

Hi Yukon,

Thank you very much.

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