Insert a value in two tables at same time, how?

I everybody, I have two tables table1 and table2, and when I insert a value in field field1 in table1 I want that value was automaticly inserted in field10in table2. I think that’s possibly but I don’t know how do that. Somoene can help me? Obs.: table1.field1 is primarykey and table2.field10 isn´t, that’s metter? Thank’s in advance. AC

One of the possibilities is to use “On Validate” trigger on Table1 / Field 1. Here you put code, that finds proper record in Table 2, populates Field 10 and in the end it will modify Table 2. But the question is if you really need to have one value in the database two times. If you need it just for printing or showing in form then you can find for Table 2 record in Table 1 and print / show field Table1.Field1 instead of Table2.Field10 If you have the same value in database twice then you have problem how to ensure, that the value in both fields is always the same, so that someone will not change one field and not the other… Michal

Thank´s Michal, My problem is solved and yes I used thr trigger onvalidate and works fine, thank’s. About the problem you refer I think about consistency of information I solved that with a table relation. Thank’s, and sorry about mi english