insert a table in word document using automation.

can any one tell me how should i insert a table in word document.
and call values from navision table into this word document table using automation.
pls give me a complete coding,so that i will be thankful to you.
vijay tiwari.
e-mail me at :
thanks again.

sounds rather strange, taking into consideration you post in Beginners forum. If you are not familiar witn both NAV and Automation as such, that will be of no use, as giving complete coding is impossible, not knowing WHAT to insert and HOW it should look like at target.

You have two options:

  • learn NAV programming (and data structures) + learn Automation;
  • outsource your problem - in India there are a bazillion of companies, which for a relatively small fee will program you anything (or you yourself work at such a company and are stuck with problem you can’t solve?)

BTW, what you are asking for is almost next to impossible to achieve.

Hi Vijay,

I’d agree with Modris - this is not as simple that sample code will meet. I have done this a long time ago through the word automation using Tables.Add and Rows.Add if I remember correctly.

I posted a longish reply in one of the other discussions by the same user about the same topic, with suggestions how to proceed with this.

Hi Daniel,

Can’t find it - is the one on Mibuso?

Yeah that’s the one, thanks. I gues it wasn’t that long after all. It felt like I had spent a lot of time on this topic…