Input-Only Forms

How do I create a form that allows users to input data but not to view or edit existing records? Thanks!

Hi Jennifer, Could you please elaborate a bit? This is not the (normal) Navision way of doing things and therefore not as simple as it might sound. Unless you use DelayedInsert most input of data in Navision actually is editing of existing records.

Our client wants to make sure that their employees don’t inadvertently overwrite data in certain forms. When the forms load they display the last record entered. They want to make sure the user starts from a clean slate and doesn’t change existing data accidentally.

What about coding just 3 lines on validation of the most important fields? Something like: Field - OnValidate() IF (xRec.Field <> '') AND (Field <> xRec.Field) THEN IF (NOT CONFIRM(Text000,FALSE,FIELDCAPTION(Field))) THEN Field := xRec.Field Text000 would be ‘Are you sure you want to modify field %1?’ It is not the most pratical solution but if your Customer agrees to protect only a few key-fields on some master tables, it is workable.

Is this customer new to Navision maybe? If so. Make sure they get enough training and get them to start using Navision for a while before doing this kind of mods.