innvoice num repeating

presently iam a fresher i cant able to do one task in which the cst amount of particular invoice number is repeating in the next invoice num i have checked it in c/al coding too but it is not working plzzzz help me

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What you are trying to do ? Is it report or are you trying to customizes some process?

Is it RTC or Classic?

What is version of Navision

in classic while ruunning the report it is showing the correct value for the invoice num but in RTC the value is printed as the above invoice num value for example Invoice no:n12/0189 CSTvalue is -323 in invoice no:n12/0190 CSTvalue 323 is coming instead off 798 and iam using 2009version plzzz kindly help me

What is the report ID?

Is report customized?

report id is 50062 and i didnt customized in it the issue is the value is repeating twice from other invoice number

50062 is not standard report.

It is developed by someone in your company…

Please contact partner…

Check in the report if the CST value is set to zero or not.

IN RTC how you are displaying the value ??

in rtc while checking it with the particular invoice number it is showing the correct value while printing the whole report the value is coming from the other invboice number

no sir CST value is not set to 0

it is given like this


DiffTaxAmtCST := CSTAmnt - CrTaxAmt;

Initialize the variable before using it.

sorry sir i didnt understood

What u didn’t understood ?

You need to set variable value to zero before using it in program so when program runs through you code it will always make the value to zero so you will get correct value.

DiffTaxAmtCST := 0;


DiffTaxAmtCST := CSTAmnt - CrTaxAmt;

thank u sir its working

thank u sir its working

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would be good if you verify the post that helped you out.