Injection Molding

Is anyone using Navision 3.6 Manufacturing in the injection molding business. Ability to track molds/tools, regrind capabilites, family molds where several product are produced from one mold. At times section of the family mold can be blocked off not to produce all products the mold is capable of making. Report by shift parts made, what tool was used (tool tracking), rejection reason codes w/quantities & downtime codes. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide! - TPT

This is free advice, so you get what you pay for. Navision in this environment would be a square peg in a round hole. We’ve installed similar ERP/manufacturing control systems in this environment over the past 16 years and you just can’t make them work satisfactorily; the only ones that do are built specifically for the injection molding industry. It’s not that you can’t adapt the program for the primary material control issues (although you need to have a BOM configuration for every possible mold configuration), but it generally falls apart in the costing area because of the regrind issue. Since the amount of regrind can be variable by run/shift, costing becomes a nightmare, as does the inventory control of the material availabe for regrind. You generally also have to integrate the production tracking with machine cycles and then back out the reject/scrap items. Then you get into the tool tracking (usually mold use tracking, refurbishing, etc., which is a costing exercise in itself and contributes to the overhead cost associated with a given produt). I’ve left out a number of additional costing issues that we’ve had come up related to machine production/efficiency & its relationship to product cost, work center/cell costing, etc. If you like a challenge, this is it!

hi Nice to read on “Injection molding”. I am a Plastic Engineer & have 5 years of experience. By seeing the topic heading i got into it. I am new to Microsoft Business Solution Navision. Allen is right u need to define BOM versions/configuration for Mold versions/configuration. Practically speaking, a Mould with six cavity can be run for only 4 cavities by blocking two cavities for some duration(due to damage to the cavity or core). Also family molds provide complex structure for costing purpose as Allen is saying. Again tool tracking with productions, repairs & rejection recording is a headache. i wish u all the best for this. hi Allen which company did u implement it. I am interested because i am an Plastic Engineer – basically. with best regards vaibhav