initFromTablename explanation

Hi friends,

I need explanation on initFromSalesTable() in a CustTable table.

what is the use of these methods?

and also for these methods should we use maps?

Give me reply



This method is used when customer is created from the sales order, which mostly happens in case of one time customers.

need not be necessary

thanks for reply kranthi,

In my opinion this method is used to get the field values from one table to another table.

if it is not the reason what would be the reason?

and also my doubt is in this type of methods should maps be necessary?




There are certain rules which guides things such as where maps should be used. One such rule is that maps should be used on denormalized tables. In other words maps should be used when normalization is not an option.

Also you will notice a very high number of ‘initFrom’ methods used in DAX. As a general rule of thumb, there should be a relationship (in other words normalization) existing between such tables.

I hope this helps.