init Dialog Field value from MenuIte EnumParameter in RunBaseBatch class

Im using ClassA extends RunBaseBatch

Here Im using one dialogField dialogFieldTick which is NOYesId edt.

When I run the Class it shows check box with one dialog field.

I can give the value in dialog method as dialogFieldTick.value(NoYes::Yes);

My intention is I have the bring the NOYes value from Menuitem ParmEnumType.

In action menuitem i defined EnumTypeParameter as NOYes and EnumParameter as Yes

In main Menu of the class I can see the value of enum from args.parmEnum()

How to set this value dynamically based on the menuitem EnumParameter.

Write a parm method for the variable used in the dialog field and set the value using the parm method in main method (before calling prompt)

Tried the same its not working. it still taking value as NO. Is ther anything to define in the new method.

Can you show us your code in main method and parm method?