Good Afternoon, I am attempting to fill a gap in my knowledge, I would like to know if there is more than one Infostore product. I have been trying to recruit people to work with Infostore but have had no luck and I am not sure if I have missed a vital element of the product and would appreciate the help. Regards, Chris

Chris, A long time ago (in galaxy far far away) there was a Company called Stengur that made a product called infostore. There was another company called Landseinar that made a product called PlusPOS. Last year, Landsteinar bought Strengur. The current verision of their combined software is called Infostore v4.5, which works on MBS-Nav 3.7 (World and North American). IT is rumoured they are working on a minor release for MBS-Nav 4.0. When you buy the Landsteinar-Strengur product offering (add-on) Infostore, you buy the base ‘backoffice’ module which contains common tables and functions. Then you choose b/w InfoPOS (the Strengur GUI) or PlusPOS (the Landsteinar GUI). Each has their own pros/cons (one works well in resaturants with touchscreens, the later works well in high-volume keyboard driven retail). That said, I think if you are looking for an Infostore person, they should be trained on both GUIs, or at least the one you choose to implement. Almost done … FYI a compnay called Kogun has just purchased Landsteinar-Strengur, so who knows what now ??? FYI … there are products for Axapta, and one called infoHospitality, which is specifically for restaurants. You can find more about them at … (note: they are now the same site!) -john