There is a list of elements such as a,b,c,d,e.I want to display those elements in the infolog.The output should be a,b,c,d, and e in the infolog.But as of now it is coming as a then in next line b,next line c etc is coming.But i want to display in straight line in the infolog.Can anybody help me in this.


How are you displaying these elements currently? Please post your code.

If possible just add these elements like this -

info(strfmt(’%1’, a+b+c+d+e));


Thanks for the reply.I want to display the same table record with the different data in the same line.That is for example:-There is a table resulttbl in that payhead id,amount,startdate,enddate columns are there.So when there is a different amount in the table for one month to another month then it should display as there is the change in the amount.But while we are displaying in the infolog we have to display as:-suppose payhead id like A.D.A,D.P etc are there in that D.P and A.D.A amount are different from one month to another month that time it should display as "there is the change in the amount of DA,A.D.A by getting from the table field payheadid.Can you give me the idea for this to resolve it.

This is confusingly worded. You can use “setPrefix” to set a header. You can use the function strfmt() to format a string.

Maybe the simplest approach for you is to create a string variable, then build your output string before displaying it in an infolog.

If you’re looking to make it go to the next line, use “\n” in your string. It won’t show in the infolog lines, but when you click on the infolog, and look in the bottom display window, it should be formatted correctly.