Infolog in PO invoice

Hello all,

I got this error in posting invoice PO.

" Inventory transactions have not been generated for the line. "

what must I do, Or we have to generate first??how to generate it?


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check the quantity on the PO line


Could u plz post the infolog message,it’s better to get the solution quickly

Hi Haydee,

Actually the problem like this…

I use 2 server. we can call it server A and server B.

in server A the item is already exist…but in B it’s nothing…

So I upload the item in server B. should I generate first??

how to do it?


what kind of server are you pertaining to? and how did you upload the item?

the infolog like this


I upload the item by making excel template first (template from ax) than I upload it.

we use sql server2008

When a purchase line is manually created it creates entries in the inventory transaction table. Your Excel import is only creating lines in the purchase line table. Not realy an ideal solution to use Excel for this - you need to create ALL related tables. The error message is driven by your poor quality data import.


do you connect to only one AOS?