Info to active users

Hi, i have request to create a button on form for Online Users (SysUsersOnline) that will send info to all users online. I dont know how to send info to different user. Please any suggestions or directions, because i do mostly reports and this is totally unfamiliar and strange to me. Thanks a lot

What does “to send info” mean for you? What about creating alerts?

No alerts, I need to send info to users that are active… in their screens to open infolog dialog with message printed. Just like if they run info(“test message”); and that message appeared on their screens

I think you would need two components:

  1. A shared resource that passes messages to all clients. Because clients are likely running on different machines and they may be even connector to different application servers, using the database is probably the only option.
  2. Something executed on each client, monitoring the shared resource and sending messages to infolog. You could use something like infolog.addTimeOut() to implement this part.